We operate a film fund with the MDA of Singapore – the SIMF, to finance prospective film productions. SIMF Management Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based company established by Salon Films (H.K.) Ltd. to administer and manage the Integrated Media Fund (“IMF”) in partnership with the MDA of Singapore. The IMF aims to produce and finance a slate of media content conductive towards the growth and support of the long-term development of the Singapore film industry; and also aims to support international co-productions.  



Salon Films have provided services for countless media contents with our invaluable tangible resources including our dedicated teams of professionals; also the intangible assets that we gathered throughout the years, such as our brandings, experiences and international retractable hot tub enclosures connections. With our strong connections across the world, Salon Films has successfully distributed numerous programmes in various regions. 


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