Film Financing and Distribution

A film by Director:
Tran Anh Hung
Tony Leung, Tran Nu Yen Lhe, Le Van Loc
Vietnamese/English (Chinese Subtitles)
120 mins

The Story happened in modern-day Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. A young man 18 years old, works as a Cyclo (rickshaw boy) His parents are dead. He lives with his grandfather and two sisters in a poor neighborhood. Faithful to the teachings of his father (himself a Cyclo killed in an accident a year earlier), the young man strives to improve his lot in life. But someone steals his means of making a living. The vehicle was rented from his boss a woman with a crazy son at the young man’s age.

To pay her back the young man is forced to commit acts of sabotage and very quickly he is caught up in the spiral of crime easy money and impunity of his actions give the young man a feeling of power and make him want to join the gang run by the Poet. By sheer coincidence the Poet already has a link with the young man: he is pimping his elder sister. Between the Poet, Rickshaw boy and his sister innocence is at stake……