Film Financing and Distribution

A film by Director:
Rithy Panh
Cyril Guei, Jhem Chuop, Soeum Chhoeum
Cambodian/English (English Subtitles)
90 mins.

Adapted from <<Shiiku>> by Oé Kenzaburô – A Nobel Prize winner

Cambodia in 1972. For the naïve, mesmerized Cambodian young child telling this story: the black soldier who was taken prisoner was not an enemy, but merely an animal that needs to be taken care of.

The little Cambodian child from the rice fields, who is responsible for guarding the prisoner, has already been hypnotized by Khmer Rouge ideology. Across the border, in Vietnam, war is raging and US fighters fly over his country to bomb Vietnam. Will the child be able to resist killing the black man – the enemy?