Production Service

Salon Films has provided production services to overseas and Mainland Chinese productions to shoot in Hong Kong and Mainland China. These projects range from feature films, television, variety shows, commercials, documentaries and even live streaming in various scales from different countries.

In response to the new norm in media productions, Salon Films now offer remote production services. Even with clients and directors miles away from location, can monitor all parts of the production set through online streaming and video conference. Clients can direct through the video call by commenting on lighting, camera angles and talents as seen on the immediate camera feed live stream.

  • Casting
  • Location Management
  • Work Visa Application and Arrangements
  • Production Coordination, Budget and Accounting Management and Reports
  • Film Permit Application
  • Accommodation and Transportation Arrangements
  • Local Crew Sourcing and Management
  • Equipment Rental and Management
  • Insurance Arrangements
  • Production, Post Production Support and Security

Others - Broadcasting Service

2019 Coverage of the first ever raceday in Mainland China

Provided outdoor broadcasting and professional filming services for the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Conghua Racecourse Exhibition Raceday.