Terms & Conditions

Our salon showroom has one of widest range of salons available for sale at any one time of the year. We mainly provided very high condition used upright Japan salons and brand new salons. You can be assured that there will be one that is suitable for your demands in quality and budget, we will help you select your salon at no extra cost. If the salon you want is not in stock, don't worry! We will inform you once there is stock as that you would not miss out your chance.

All our used salons go thru a stringent quality test conducted by our highly trained and experience salon technicians. You can be assured that all salons sold to you will be of the highest quality in Hong Kong.

Unlike other used salon dealers in Hong Kong, we will be very honest with you and highlight the problem with your chosen unit if there is any before your purchase. All of the Japan salons are imported directly from Japan & sold at factory price. Thus the price must be the best of the best when comparing with others in Hong Kong.

To set your mind at ease, our highly qualitative technician team will have your unit covered for 3 years including parts and labor.

Moreover, we have provided a lot of salon accessories, tuning service, salon removal service & more are available. Pick up your phone and call us now! (TEL: (852)2345 5383).

Why Our Used salon are Better
  • Inspected and hand-selected by our liason in Japan.
  • Hand-selection ensures the best quality are shipped here.
  • Inspected once again in our warehouse.
  • Transported to our used centre by experience salon movers.
  • Final Inspection and tuning/voicing are done.
  • Tuning to concert pitch is done before shipping to Customer.