Equipment Support - The Sparring Partner

Oct 27,2022

THE SPARRING PARTNER directed by New Director Ho Cheuk Tin
with experienced actor Yeung Wai Lun and Mak Pui Tung as the Main Lead
Also invited famous Starring Louisa So Yuk Wa and Jan Lamb to participant as the supporting role. Story adapted from a sensational 2013 family murder, Henry Cheung partnered up with his friend Angus Tong to murder and dismember his parents. The truth becomes all the more elusive as both defendants played the role of ‘genius’ and ‘idiot’ in court. With an exquisite good scenario design and the character’s phycological condition make THE SPARRING PARTNER becomes the opening films of the 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival.
Its our pressure to providing equipment support for this great movie.