Video Production

Salon Films customizes various video solutions. Regardless of scale, Salon Films provides its clients one stop video production service from creative ideas to pre-production, production and post-production for videos such as company and product videos, commercials, promotional videos, documentaries, short films, behind the scenes videos and webinar live streams. 

Salon Films’ clients range from international brands to enterprises of various sizes. These include, Hong Kong Disneyland, Haier Group Corporation, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong Electric Company, HKR International Limited, HGC Global Communications, MTR Corporation Limited, Regal Hotels International, Nan Fung Group and more. Salon Films also produces various promotional videos and TV commercials for various governmental agencies such as the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, Environment Bureau, Transport and Housing Bureau, Information Services Department, Labour Department, Registration and Electoral Office, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Department of Health and Leisure and Cultural Services Department. 

Salon Films provides video production services for a wide range of video types, from brand and product videos, commercials, promotional videos, documentaries, short films, to “Behind the Scenes” videos, webinars and event streaming. 

Our Services


The Creative team will work closely with clients to design the most fitting solution according to their needs and desires


The Production team will begin pre-production work according to the requirements of the designated video solution. This includes work such as casting, location scout, set design, art design and wardrobe. 


The team will ensure shooting arrangements are made with all related parties to ensure a smooth production, from applying for shooting permits to arranging crew.


The Post-production team will conduct post-production work. This includes editing, special effects, animation/motion graphics and colour correction. Salon Films is also equipped with a professional sound mixing and recording booth for post-production sound work.